JuLi Creations, LLC

Catering & Cakes for All Occasions

Decorated Cakes

Cake prices are subject to change based on type of icing, design, and decorations


                               Size                                                Cost (includes sales tax)

8” Round or Oval (serves 15-20)                                        $20

9” or 10" Round (serves 20-30)                                          $30

Quarter Sheet Cake (serves 20-25)                                     $20

Half Sheet Cake (serves 30-40)                                          $30

Three Quarter Sheet Cake (serves 40-50)                           $40

Full Sheet Cake (serves 70-80)                                           $55

Large Full Sheet Cake (serves 90-100)                               $65



 Wedding Cakes

$2.50 per slice

($2.00 per slice - when catering services are also used)

Includes set up and 1st Anniversary layer



Wedding Cupcakes

$1.00 each




$.75 each


Cupcake stands are not supplied


Cake Flavors: White, French Vanilla, Yellow, Chocolate, Fudge Marble, Strawberry, Banana (with or without nuts), Spice, Carrot, Orange, Lemon, Pineapple or Red Velvet.

Italian Cream – add $5.00 per 20 servings


Icing: White Butter Cream, Chocolate, or Cream Cheese


Fillings: Strawberry, Raspberry, Pineapple, Lemon, Chocolate, Bavarian Cream (Vanilla or Chocolate) - add $3.00 per 40 servings.



We also offer gluten-free and sugar free cakes, call for pricing and more information.




Deliveries outside the Louisville area may be subject to a delivery charge.




Prices do not include Kentucky State Sales Tax.

Prices are subject to change at anytime, unless you have a contract stating a specific price and date of expiration. 1/10