JuLi Creations, LLC

Catering & Cakes for All Occasions

Trays To Go




Sandwich Tray

Feeds 15-20

Dressed Sandwiches with Condiment packets



Wrap Tray

Feeds 15-20

Dressed Wraps with Condiment packets



Cheese Tray

Includes assorted sliced and cubed cheeses

$25 Feeds 15-20; $40 Feeds 30-35


Antipasta Platter

Includes sliced meats and assorted cheeses

$30 Feeds 15-20; $40 Feeds 25-30




Small Feeds 15-20/Large Feeds 40-50

Homestyle Potato Small $20/Large $40

Red Skin Potato Small $20/Large $40

Pasta Small $20/Large $40

Ranch Chicken Pasta Small $25/Large $50

Fruit Small $25/Large $50



Vegetable Tray

Includes assorted fresh cut vegetables with dip

$25 Feeds 15-20; $35 Feeds 25-30



Fruit Tray

Includes assorted fresh fruit (dip available upon request)

$25 Feeds 15-20; $40 Feeds 25-30



Dessert Tray

Includes assorted cookies, brownies and/or dessert bars

$30 Feeds 20-25



Individual Snack Bags

Potato Chips, Pretzels, Baked Chips

$.50 each



Canned Soft Drinks

$.50 each



Bottled Water

$.75 each



Orders must be placed at least 48 hours before delivery or pick-up to insure availability of product and delivery time.



 Prices do not include Kentucky State Sales Tax.

Prices are subject to change at anytime, unless you have a contract stating a specific price and date of expiration. 1/10